The 11 companies with the most billionaires in the world


As of 2016, there 2,188 billionaires across the world, according to a recent report from Hurun, a Shanghai firm that releases yearly rankings and research about the world’s richest people.

It turns out that some companies have a higher concentration of the richest of the rich than others. Of course, some of these companies are run by powerful families that have multiple billionaires in their clan, but others are not.


Headquarters: Menlo Park, California

Number of employees: 12,700

Number of billionaires: 51

The social networking service and website was cofounded in 2004 by current CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes.

In 2015, Facebook generated $12.5 billion in annual sales. It also topped Business Insider’s 2015 list of the 50 best companies to work for in America.

Estée Lauder

Headquarters: New York City, New York

Number of employees: 44,000

Number of billionaires: 52

Estée Lauder, which manufactures and markets skin care, makeup, fragrance, and hair care products, was cofounded by the husband-wife team of Estée Lauder and Joseph Lauder in 1946. Today, the Lauder family controls 77% of the company’s voting power and has an estimated net worth of $16.5 billion.

Hennes & Mauritz

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Number of employees: 93,351

Number of billionaires: 53

H&M, the popular clothing and accessories company, was founded in 1947 by Erling Persson. His son, Stefan Persson, took over as CEO for 16 years, until 1998. Today,Stefan owns a 28% stake and serves as chairman, while his son, Karl-Johan, serves as CEO.


Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Number of employees: 193,000

Number of billionaires: 54

The consulting, technology, and outsourcing company based out of India was cofounded in 1981 by K. Dinesh, S. Gopalakrishnan, Narayana Ramarao Nagavara Murthy, Nandan M. Nilekani, Pandit Shrikant, and S. D. Shibulal. Today, Vishal Sikka leads Infosys, which did $8.6 billion in sales in 2015.

SACI Falabella

Headquarters: Santiago, Chile

Number of employees: 98,324

Number of billionaires: 55

Falabella was founded in 1937 when Salvatore Falabella opened the first large tailor shop in Chile. The retail company has evolved into a Latin powerhouse and is mainly controlled by theSolari family (descendants of the founder) today.


Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas

Number of employees: 2,200,000

Number of billionaires: 76

The American retail corporation was founded in 1962 by Samuel Moore Walton and James Lawrence Walton and now has over 11,000 stores worldwide. Today, the Walton family has ironclad control over the retail giant: Six members of the Walton clanown about 54% of the shares.

SC Johnson & Son

Headquarters: Racine, Wisconsin

Number of employees: 13,000

Number of billionaires: 77

SC Johnson & Son, which makes and sells household products, was founded in 1886 by SC Johnson. His son, Herbert Fisk Johnson, ran the company until he died in 1928 — it was then divided between his two kids, and today, Johnson descendants still own 100% of the company.

Dr. Oetker

Headquarters: Bielefeld, Germany

Number of employees: 28,000

Number of billionaires: 88

The family-owned enterprise that produces baking powder, cake mixes, frozen pizza, and various other food products started in 1891,when Dr. August Oetker developed a non-perishable baking powder. Today, the Oetker clan includes eight billionaires.


Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland

Number of employees: 88,509

Number of billionaires: 99

The large biotech company was founded in 1896 and today is a leader in research-focused healthcare. Descendants of founder Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche held the voting stake until recently — they now own 45% voting rights.


Headquarters: Wayzata, Minnesota

Number of employees: 150,000

Number of billionaires: 1010

Founded in 1865 as a small grain storage business by WW Cargill, Cargill is now America’s largest private company, providing food, agriculture, and financial and industrial products. WW Cargill’s son-in-law, John MacMillan, took over the business in 1909, and today, the Cargill-MacMillan family includes many billionaires.


Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Number of employees: 45,000

Number of billionaires: 1011

The global hospitality company began in1957, when Jay Pritzker purchased the Hyatt House motel in Los Angeles. Today, 11 Pritzker family members are on the 2016 Forbes World Billionaires List.

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