The Roads of the future

Electroad – an Israeli startup founded with the goal of reducing global emissions is working to pave the way towards a greener world with technology that retrofits existing roads with buried coils to inductively charge electric vehicles. The team has already performed successful tests of the technology, and will be demoing the electric roads on a larger scale with a public bus route in Tel Aviv.

According to Oren Ezer, Electroad CEO, though other companies like Qualcomm and KAIST  already have the same concept but Electroad’s technology is different in that it is very flexible and deployment is quick and easy.

Electroad successfully tested their technology with an electric bus five months ago in Tel Aviv and opened 20 meters of retrofitted electric road outside their lab.

Soon the company will test out the technology on a public electric bus with a set route in Tel Aviv. Since the bus will drive on electric roads, it won’t need to be recharged though it will have a small battery to allow the bus to drive up to five kilometers without an electric current.

Ezer has a dream to turn all of Israel’s transportation electric with inductive charging.

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