Uber launches first motorbike taxi service in Bangkok

Uber has launched its first motorcycle-hailing service in Bangkok.

UberMOTO was introduced as a pilot project in the Thai capital on Wednesday, where 1,5000  new cars, hit the roads every day.

The average daily commute takes 2 hours. Traffic speeds under 16k/h (9.9m/h) are common and can drop to 11km/h (6.8mph) during rush hour in Bangkok. 

“This kind of congestion is bad for productivity in Bangkok and the resulting pollution undermines everyone’s quality of life,” Uber said.

“UberMOTO enables people looking to save time and money on short trips to book a ride on a motorcycle at the push of a button and enjoy the most affordable option available in Bangkok,” the company added.

Uber motorcycle drivers will have to be insured and undergo a screening process which includes a police background check. Drivers offering the service will also have to provide passengers with helmets, Uber said.

UberMOTO is a full-scale and long term launch with the objective of making it a permanent feature, a Uber spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia.

“We will look at testing, learning, scaling and refining the product here so we can also look at rolling it out in other emerging markets,“ the spokesperson said.

The service will first launch in the Sathorn, Siam, and Silom areas.  Users in these parts of Bangkok will be able to see the UberMOTO option when they open their Uber app.


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