Unearthing Artificial Intelligence – Intro

In a simple term, Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. 

It is also a sub field of computer science that deals with the study and design of intelligent agents  capable of intelligent behavior like perceiving it’s environment and taking action to maximize it’s chances of success (just like humans).

Applications of Artficial Intelligence:

⇒ Computer Science

⇒ Finance

⇒ Hospitals and Machine

⇒ Heavy Industry

⇒ Online and Telephone Customer Service

⇒ Transportation

⇒ Telecommunications Maintenance

⇒ Toys and Games

⇒ Music

⇒ Aviation

⇒ News, Publishing and Writing

Various tools of artificial intelligence are also being widely deployed in homeland security, speech and text recognition, data mining, and e-mail spam filtering. Applications are also being developed for gesture recognition (understanding of sign language by machines), individual voice recognition, global voice recognition (from a variety of people in a noisy room), facial expression recognition for interpretation of emotion and non verbal cues. Other applications are robot navigation, obstacle avoidance, and object recognition.

Next week, we would be having an in depth look into the different applications of Artificial Intelligence.

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