Vote of No Confidence – President Zuma Survives

Despite recent corruption scandals, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa on Thursday 10th of November, 2016 survived a no-confidence vote.


  • Allegations of misconduct were raised against Mr President, Jacob Zuma

  • In Less than one year, this is the third time of no confidence vote

  • The investigation panel found out that the Guptas business family with links to Mr, President may have influenced the appointment of ministers

  • All attempts (protests/parliament votes) by the opposition party to remove him from office have failed

  • The opposition motion was defeated by 214 votes to 126 votes

  • The ANC (African National Congress), Mr Zuma’s party has a huge majority in parliament

  • The ANC has been in power since 1994

  • The main opposition is DA (Democratic Alliance) party


The opposition party who want him to go do not have the numbers to push him out of parliament, therefore he will continue to survive every form of impeachment untill the ANC itself decides to sack him.

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