Weatherford introduces Compact formation sampler

HOUSTON — Weatherford has announced the official launch of its Compact formation sampler. The slim-profile wireline tool can capture up to three 700-cc samples in a wide range of borehole sizes.

The size of the Compact formation sampler distinguishes it from other pressure, volume and temperature (PVT) samplers on the market. The slim profile enables the tool to be run past restrictions smaller than 3 in. (76 mm) and to operate in boreholes as large as 14 in. (356 mm).

Additionally, the self-centering design substantially reduces formation-sticking risks, enables a more efficient and faster connection with the target zones and makes it possible to deploy the tool on traditional wireline or through drill pipe.

“The design of this new sampler can significantly improve the efficiency of formation testing and sampling operations,” said Olivier Muller, global V.P., Wireline and Testing Services. “By enabling a simpler and safer downhole deployment, the Compact formation sampler helps operators more assertively regain access to representative reservoir fluids.”

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