Whose Job Will The Robots Steal?

Most Americans think robots are coming to take over our jobs — but they may be in denial when it comes to their own livelihood being at risk.

Almost two-thirds of Americans expect that, over the next fifty years, robots and computers will take over most of the work currently done by fleshy, feeble-minded humans, according to a Pew Research Poll out on Thursday.

So most workers (who, unlike robots, need to feed themselves) are pretty concerned, right? Hardly.

In fact, most Americans feel pretty secure in their work. When asked if they expect their own jobs to stay safe while robots overwhelm offices over the coming decades, eighty percent of respondents said they think they’ll be fine.

People who work in the government, education and or non-profit sectors seemed the least worried about machines usurping their employment.

The survey, conducted last June to July, polled 2,001 people over the age of 18.

So if it’s not nightmares of robot colleagues that’s keeping workers up at night, what is?

Many poll respondents were more concerned about another perceived threat to their job security: other humans. Poor management, competition from lower-paid workers, and shrinking industries were the leading causes of employee angst, according to the poll.


Whose job do you think the robots will steal, we would love to hear from you.

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