Hello America, Your President Needs You Now!

Dear Americans and women all over the world,

the media has reported that there have been more than 600 rallies in over 60 countries around the world, expressing concern that women’s rights will be eroded under Mr Trump.

Before this women rally was the protest on the post-election day when he was announced winner, and president-elect, the inauguration day, January 20th 2017 also attracted some protest and now this.

This shall also pass and Donald Trump will remain the President of the United States at least for now.

What exactly happened to the voice of reason of the free world?

Why the so much hate against President Trump just because of his past, and then you all turn around to preach love and do not judge?

Your society is already deeply divided, so why turn your period of healing into period of unrest?

The media is enjoying the headlines and therefore trying everything possible to keep it in the lime light. If there is anytime your new president needs support from you all, the Republicans, Democrats, women, minority, LGTB, Christians, Muslims, Atheist, Black, white, Red, Yellow, Pink, etc, IT IS NOW.

President Trump is meant to be a fresh air into your political system because he was never a politician, therefore he has a lot to learn.

He will definitely make mistakes, he will fall out with the house, he would have tremendous challenges ahead of him, are you all not seeing this?

Why making a complex journey more difficult for him?

Recall that protests has never stopped this man and will not; his party never wanted him but he won, his state never wanted him but he won, the democrats never wanted him but he won, he said a lot of things that would have brought than a politician but he still won.

Would it be correct to say that in the midst if all these noise, there is still a silent majority who is saying nothing but rather supporting the president because action speaks louder.

Are you also aware of the negative trend you are setting for the world?

Even with your solid political system, the populace is still kicking against the result of the system because the so-called celebrities supported his opponent.

Imagine if all the music stars and the movie stars are in support of President Trump, would you be out there in the street?

This is time to rebuild your country and support your president, please go home and work with him.

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