How Much Does it Cost to Protect Mark Zuckerberg?

Just a little background for those who do not know Mark Zuckerberg; He is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Facebook Inc. the eighth richest person in the world valued at about $47 billion according to BBI (Bloomberg Billionaire Index) and according to Forbes, he is rated as per below;

So what does it cost to keep him safe?

In a regulatory filing on Apr. 27th , the company (Facebook Inc)  revealed that it spent more than $16 million over the past five years on private air travel and other aspects of Zuckerberg’s “overall security program,” which includes the personnel and equipment to secure his homes. These costs are reported as “all other compensation” in Facebook’s filings.

Facebook’s 2015 expense in terms of providing security exceeds $1.53m that Oracle spent for the protection of its executive chairman Larry Ellison, while Amazon spent $1.6m for Jeff Bezos in 2015. For Warren Buffett’s security, Berkshire Hathaway paid $370,244. Apple appears to be spending the lowest amount, at $209,151 on chief executive officer Tim Cook, And Twitter spent only $68,500 last year to keep Dorsey safe according to data shared by Bloomberg.

That Doesn’t come cheap huh?

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