Millennials & Paid Parental Leave

Unlike the traditional maternity leave policy where expectant or new mothers are granted a temporary period of absence from employment during the months immediately before and after childbirth, paid parental leave is the new “wave”.

Paid parental (maternity + paternity) leave provides paid time off work to care for a child or make arrangements for the child’s welfare, it encompasses the both parents irrespective of sex , and many companies are going this route as they realize the best way to attract top millennial talent is to offer flexible work schedules and ever – flashier perks.

Parental Leave aims to achieve Gender Equality in child care responsibility, stop statistical gender discrimination in labor markets, and occupational sex segregation.

Companies with the Best Parental Leave Policies includes;

Netflix: unlimited paid parental leave in the first year after a baby is born or adopted

Adobe: 26 weeks of paid maternity leave and  16 weeks of paid time for primary caregivers (including those who become parents through childbirth, surrogacy, adoption, or foster care).

Amazon: offers moms four weeks of paid leave before giving birth and 10 weeks after, plus an additional six weeks that any new parent (mom, dad, biological, or otherwise) can take, for a total of up to 20 weeks.

Apple: Moms can take up to four weeks before giving birth and 14 weeks after. Fathers and other non-birth parents can take six-week paid leaves. Not ready for kids yet? Apple’s benefits also include egg-freezing services.

Change.Org: 18 weeks paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave.

Facebook & Instagram: four months (16 weeks) of paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave, gives employees $4,000 in “baby cash,” and like Apple provides egg-freezing services.

Google & YouTube: 18 weeks of paid maternity leave, Moms who experience complications during childbirth receive an additional four weeks. The primary caregiver (gender neutral, includes adoptive parents and surrogates) is given up to 12 weeks paid “baby-bonding leave.” The non-primary caregiver receives up to seven weeks of paid leave. Families also receive $500 in “baby bonding bucks,” Google provides on-campus child care and “mother’s rooms,” and if the employee dies, his or her children will receive $1,000 per month until age 19, or 23 if they’re a full-time student, regardless of how long the employee worked at Google.

Microsoft: new mothers and fathers (through birth, adoption, or surrogacy) will receive 12 weeks of paid leave, while birth mothers receive an additional eight weeks of maternity disability paid in full, for a total of 20 weeks.

Pinterest: New mothers receive 12 weeks paid leave, dads get four weeks.

Reddit: 17-week paid parental leave

Twitter: 20 weeks for birth moms, dads and other non-birth parents.

Yahoo: 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and eight weeks for fathers and non-birth parents. Families also receive $500 to help with baby costs.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: 52 weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave

Bloomberg: 18 weeks full paid leave for primary caregiver, 4 weeks for non-primary caregiver

Arnold & Porter LLP: 8 weeks paid leave for the primary caretaker (including for adoption), 6 weeks paid parental leave for the secondary caretaker

US Navy: 18 weeks of paid maternity leave

Johnson & Johnson: 15 weeks paid maternity leave (17 weeks if the mother has a C-section), 8 weeks of paid paternity and adoption leave

Bank of America: 12 weeks of paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave

Goldman Sachs: 16 weeks full-paid maternity leave, 4 weeks paid paternity leave

Feel free to add yours!

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